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TJM Mission Statement
  To exalt the Savior, Jesus Christ
To evangelize the lost
To edify the body of Christ
To encourage the believer
To equip the saints to serve

Fishing For Men Weekend Crusade Itinerary


Below are three pre-designed Fishing For Men Crusade Itineraries. However, a custom itinerary can be created for your organization. Please contact Terry Chupp for more information.

Crusade Itinerary Option 1

Friday Evening   Preach and sing
Saturday:   9am - noon Teach “How To Be Wise In God’s Eyes”
(snack break at approx. 10:30am)
Noon - 1pm - Lunch
1pm - 5pm - Visit with students
6pm - Fish Fry or Wild Game Dinner
7pm - Preach and sing
Sunday:   Preach and sing at early service (if applicable)
Meet with youth in Sunday School
Preach and sing at morning worship service

Crusade Itinerary Option 2

Saturday Evening   6pm Fish Fry or Wild Game Supper
Sunday Morning:   Preach and sing in early AM service (if applicable)
Meet with youth in Sunday School
Preach & sing in Morning Worship Service
Sunday Afternoon   After lunch - Teach "How to be Wise"
3pm until evening service - Visit the lost
Evening service
Mon. - Wed.   Visit during the day
PM Revival services
Wed. night, baptismal service

Crusade Itinerary Option 3

Sunday Morning:   Preach and sing in early AM service (if applicable)
Meet with youth in Sunday School
Preach & sing in Morning Worship Service
Sunday Evening   Teach "How to be Wise"
Mon-Wed. Day   Visit the lost with "How to be Wise" students
Monday eve.   Sing & Preach
Tuesday eve.   Sing & Preach
Wednesday eve.   Sing & Preach, baptismal service

Crusade Weekend Activity Outline

I. Prayer:

  1. Ask all church members to constantly and continually pray for the Crusade.
  2. Ask them to make a prayer list of the unsaved, unchurched, and backsliden persons and pray for them daily.
  3. Set up a 24 hour prayer meeting in the worship center preceding the first service of the crusade where at least one person is at the church alter praying for the crusade for each hour. Make up a prayer clock. If some cannot come to the church, let them commit to praying at home or elsewhere for one hour.
  4. Set up weekly home prayer services for four weeks prior to the crusade.
  5. Solicit at least one or two persons to pray prior to and during the services.

II. Promote - Advertise and promote the crusade

  1. In the church with posters
  2. In the bulletins or newsletters
  3. Local newspaper
  4. Christian radio stations (free)
  5. Letters to members and prospects

III. Visitation

  1. A visitation blitz
  2. A telephone blitz

IV. A theme for each service

  1. Friday - Something Different
  2. Saturday - Fellowship Meal and Service
  3. Sunday Morning - Friend Day

V. “How to be Wise in God’s Eyes

  1. Enlist and make up a sign-up sheet of those who will attend
  2. Ask each person to pray for someone with whom we can share the Gospel.
  3. Have pens and paper for students
  4. Prepare snacks for the break approximately half way through the seminar
  5. Prepare light lunch after the seminar and prior to outreach
  6. Have prospect cards available
  7. Have decision cards available

Pastor's Preparation

You may download the three page document and print each one by clicking on the icons below:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3