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  To exalt the Savior, Jesus Christ
To evangelize the lost
To edify the body of Christ
To encourage the believer
To equip the saints to serve

Fresh Catches - Testimonies from the Mission Field



A testimony from a fisherman whose best friend was saved during a divine appointment with Jesus on a lake.

"Dear Terry, here is a small testimony on how your ministry has touched not only my life but also one of my best friends."

"It all starts on a very hot day back in June of 1994. I was practicing for a bass tournament and on the last day of practice my friend Barry ("Bear") called and said that he would like to go. So we took off that morning and as the day went by the Lord put it on my heart to witness to him. So as I starting asking him questions about his salvation and telling him about Jesus I could tell that he was ready to give his heart to the Lord. But the only problem, was that I had never lead anyone to the Lord. The Lord knew I needed some help and so did I."

"We launched the boat that morning, at the dam and we had fished for awhile, it was about 95 degrees, sunny, and clear blue skies with almost no wind. I sure you know what the fishing was like. I told Bear that I would like to run up into the river we were ready for some heat relief. As we took off up the lake, we went back by ramp that we launched from and I saw your truck there. So I started praying that we would see you on the lake. We ran about 15 miles up the lake to a creek that I like to fish. Well you guessed it there you set all by yourself. I knew that my prayer was answered."

"We idled over next to you and I introduced you to Bear, as we sat there telling fish stories, Bear turned his back to me, when he did I looked at you and told you that he was lost. The next thing I heard was, "Bear, if I ask you a honest question would you give me a honest answer? " In just a few minutes he was praying to receive Christ as his savior."

"On April 16, 2005 Bear was killed on a four wheeler at the age of 37. This story could have been very, very sad if had not been for that hot June day. I hope that this story will encourage you because not only did you lead him to the Lord but you taught me how to lead someone also. I know that there are things that I will remember later that I will wish I put in the story, but the one thing about it, God was all over it. I am so thankful to God that he let me be a small part in it."

"If you want to share this letter with someone I hope that they will take away the lesson that God can use anyone, all that we have to do is to be willing. I can sleep so good knowing where he is and that someday I'll see him again. Talk to ya later and may GOD BLESS you and your family."

Signed - Mark Owens

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