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titleFresh Catches - Testimonies from the Mission Field


A testimony from a fisherman whose best friend was saved during a divine appointment with Jesus on a lake.

Daniel R. McGehee, Fellowship Guide Service Ministries

Dear Brother Terry,

I have thought of our first meeting many times over the past few years.  It was in February 2001 at Sevenhills Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama.  I was invited to come to a men’s fish fry by my brother-in-law, and you were the guest speaker.

Like many of today’s Christians, I was content with just going to church on Sunday and tithing.  That is until that evening in 2001.  You gave an alter call that night for two groups of people.  First, to those who had never received Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and second to those who Jesus was their Savior but not the Lord of all.  In an instant, the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about allowing Jesus to be the Lord of all.  It is amazing how fast the Spirit reveals things to us when we are receptive to Him.  He was calling me to total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Before I could even think about it, my heart had my hand in the air, and I was praying to Jesus saying, “Jesus, I surrender my life totally to You.  I allow You to be the Lord of all.  I commit myself fully to You and give You complete control of my life.  Amen”

Brother Terry, something so very wonderful happened to me that night.  Freedom!  The only way for a person to know and experience the type of freedom that happened to me that night is through a total heart surrender to Jesus Christ.  It is almost too difficult and wonderful at the same time to put into human words.

Seemingly in an instant, I began to see the world through to eyes of Christ.  My heart began to cry out for the lost and hurting, and I could feel a growing urgency inside of me calling me to share Jesus with others.  God was drawing me closer to Him.  The cry of the Father’s heart quickly became the cry of my heart.   Souls!  The desire to share Jesus Christ grew stronger and stronger each day.

I was drawn to the Word of God like never before.  I studied the Bible to learn more about Jesus, and God’s will for my life.  I started attending the Sunday morning and evening services, the Wednesday night service, as well as any special event at the church.  I volunteered to help in the nursery as well as with the youth.   My passion for God grew stronger with each passing week.

One year later, February 2002, God called me to the ministry as an evangelist. I began to see people receive Jesus into their hearts while in restaurants, gas stations, schools, on street corners, stores, and the list goes on! At the end of the following school year, May 2003, I took my next step of faith and resigned from my position as a teacher with the Mobile County Public School System and followed the Lord into the fulltime ministry. By the end of 2004, I was serving as an associate pastor at Harvest Church here in Mobile, Alabama. This year, January 2007, I took my next step of faith. I stepped down from my position as associate pastor and into fulltime evangelism through Fellowship Guide Service Ministries.

Since that night in 2001, I have seen hundreds give their lives to Jesus. God has used me to lead and organize numbers of crusades here in Mobile where as many as 500+ were born again in one day. I have traveled the nation of India preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in cities and villages throughout that nation. I have spent countless hours counseling men, youth, and husbands and wives in the ways of the Lord and helping them to identify deceptions of the devil. In turn, helping them realize God’s perfect will and plan for their lives. Currently, I am working on the largest Christian hunting and fishing television show in the South. It will reach the 1,000,000+ unchurched of Southern Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

In February 2001, God sent you, Brother Terry Chupp, to reach a young man who would be called to reach people all over the world will the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Brother Terry, that young man was me, and I will be forever grateful that God sent you for me. Thank you for your commitment to the Lord. You are a great example of godly leadership in our world today. Brother Terry, you are one of God’s mighty men and great are your rewards. With all of my heart, I say, “Thank you, Brother Terry Chupp!”

In His love,

Daniel R. McGehee

Founder & President, Fellowship Guide Service Ministries


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