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  To exalt the Savior, Jesus Christ
To evangelize the lost
To edify the body of Christ
To encourage the believer
To equip the saints to serve

Fresh Catches - Testimonies from the Mission Field



"God has called me to do what you are doing Terry"

Terry Chupp not only teaches the importance of witnessing, he instructs his pupils to witness. He doesn't tell us what to do. He shows us how to do it.

For 36 years, I have served as a pastor's wife. 15 years ago I started writing and speaking after receiving a message from God. When Terry Chupp came to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Cordele, Georgia, I realized two things.

First, God was calling me to a greater ministry. Second, I learned the art of personal evangelism. I attended the class "Wise in God's Eyes" presented by Chupp. He was to the point and told the whole truth regardless of whether or not the attendees would like him. He didn't tickle ears. He changed hearts.

It was when my husband (Pastor) and I went out to dinner with him that I saw the love in his heart for sinners. I witnessed him speaking kindly; yet with a boldness I had never had before.

"I know that God has called me to do what you are doing Terry!" I exclaimed. After that moment, I decided to engage myself in personal evangelism. That week I led 17 people to Jesus... and I'm still going strong.

If your church has a heart for witnessing, Chupp will not only teach you to be a better witness, he will show you how. I highly recommend him for your next revival or event.

Nancy B. Gibbs
Writer, Speaker, Pastor's Wife
(229) 938-1760

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